Franklin County Homeless Plan

Franklin County Homeless Plan

February 6, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jireh Ministries

The Problem

Thousands of young people living in poverty and limited to access to housing options, quality food,  job skill education and soft skills development. Poverty is often associated with not having enough money or not having a job, but it’s more complex than that. Poverty involves multifaceted, interconnected factors and can spark a cycle that impacts generations of families. Living in poverty often limits educational and training opportunities for children and young adults, making it difficult to obtain a job with a living wage as an adult or parent. The cycle of poverty has a widespread impact, contributing to issues like crime, unemployment, poor health, domestic violence, isolation and depression.


We continue to equip our community to provide a comprehensive network of services and support to help people living in poverty become economically self-sufficient. Develop the DreamCenter, with lifelong mentoring at its core, delivering evidence-based results and impact all areas of a person’s life. This is built upon our mission and values. To date we have helped over 200 people.


The DreamCenter will provide positive regional influence. We can break this cycle by helping people living in challenging situations re-establish hope, get connected with needed resources and implement a plan to reach economic independence. The DreamCenter will provide a much needed foundation of secured housing, meals, job skills education, soft skills and onsite and offsite employment

Next Steps

We have successfully secured funding of $180,000 of $230,000 needed to secure $1,900,000 if collateral.

This collateral will be used to acquire a former Youth Camp formerly known as RockyVine with 135 Acres, Commercial Kitchen, Dining Area, 2 Buildings with 155 Beds and Common Areas, a Church, Full Size Gym, Horse Arena, Maintenance Building and Education and Learning Center.

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Signatures: 30Next Goal: 50
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