Carta Abierta al Presidente de Guatemala

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Anita Kanitz
5 years ago
Enough is enough! A lot of people are fighting for animal rights, but not many people are fighting for women's rights. Worldwide violence against women, girls and female childs are like epidemics, We must end the one sided war on women, girls, female childs and female babies. Men worldwide abuse, beat, murder, torture, rape, enslave, harass, stalk, bully females, only because they are female. Hate crimes and hate against women and girls have many faces today:
Femicide, female infanticide, war rapes, mass rapes, gang rapes, daily tournantes like in France, daily rapes worldwide of children, girls and women, mass mutliation connected with mass rape like in the Congo, mass rape connected with stoning like in Syria and Iraq, rape and murder of indigenous women and girls like in Canada, muslim gang rapes like in Sweden, France, Britain and Germany, FGM, breast ironing, physical mutilation connected with domestic and sexual violence, child marriages, forced marriages, underaged marriages, forced starvation and murder of female babies like in India, the arabic countries or Africa, honor killings, stoning, execution and punishment of rape and assault victims, sexual torture, witch hunts, widow murder, sexual murder, dowry murder, murder, mass rape and abduction of schoolgirls like in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, acid attacks, sexual and domestic violence, victim blaming of victims of sexual and domestic assault, daily hate speech, collective sexual harassment in crowds like tarrush gamea, puplic sexual harassment like Eve teasing, persecution, rape and murder of lesbians and suffragettes, sexism and hate speech in the society and the media, abductions connected with forced marriages and conversion like in many muslim countries, upskirting, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, online harassment,street harassment, workplace harassment, campus harassment, violence during child birth, sexist dress codes, sex slavery, human trafficking, forced prostitution, sadistic pornography, child pornography, revenge porns, snuff porns with torture,rape and murder of girls and women, sadistic stalking, sexism at the workplace and the campus, body shaming, forced child births, shackling pregnant women in prison like in the U.S., sexual torture in prison like in the Iran and India, driving ban for women like in Saudi Arabia, forced dress codes like the Burka in most alle Muslim countries, women hating laws like punishment laws (stoning, lashing, inprisonment of assault and rape victims) in the sharia, women hating in religions like in the Islam or during the dark ages in the christian religion connected with mass murder on women ( 6 Million women, girls and female childs had been raped, tortured, mutilated and burned alive as witches in 300 years in Europe in the name of God and the church) hate preaching against women like in the Islam or the Hindu religion, forced abortionsn selective abortions of females and sterilizations like in China, lack of education and contraception and civil and human rightsn, police brutality against women and girls worldwide like in India and the U.S., heinous sexism in the media, the society and at the workplace. We must call the crimes and the hate by the name and we must together fight against that. The half of the world belongs to the women, without women there is no life on earth.
If women are responsible for preventing rape…
then why is the advice given to us always to lock ourselves in our homes after dark unless escorted or to let people we trust guard our drinks and monitor whether we are too intoxicated to protect ourselves?
Why are we not, rather, told to keep company with other women: to watch them, their drinks, their bodies? Why are we told to depend on others instead of to look out for each other? If women are responsible for preventing rape…
then why is the emphasis so often on being wary of strangers and not of those men with whom we are most intimate? For women who do not live in war zones or other places where the social order has shattered, stranger rape is much less likely than rape by someone known and trusted.
Why are we not told to stop trusting men? If women are responsible for ending rape…
then wouldn’t that be the most effective way to protect ourselves? No, no, we must never be advised to do something that would limit men’s access to us. If women are responsible for preventing rape…
then can we ever be happy?
We are not happy now when, even if we follow all the rules of prevention, we are not safe. If we kept all the men out of our lives, and it worked to end rape, would those of us with male friends and lovers or male colleagues we respect be happy? If women are responsible for preventing rape…
Then we who live in relatively orderly social worlds cannot just focus on ourselves. We cannot take back only our nights. We should not be advised to protect ourselves alone. We must end war. We who live in invading nations must stop our wars. Together we can create a better world.

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5 years ago
Solidaridad, justicia y derechos humanos. Basta se feminicidios.