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Stop businesses from selling meth pipes in the city of South St Paul

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South St Paul  sams tobacco shops and Mini Mart sell meth pipes which are visible in the display case by the cash registers.

meth pipes aka incense oil burners are being sold only blocks away from our schools, blocks away from our Police Department, and blocks away from City Hall. This promotes the decay of our city, it allows unsavory people into our neighborhood as these products are also sold right on our bus line. These products need to be outright banned for sale in our city. It is true that these businesses use a loophole stating they keep them out of sight and that they are incense oil burners. If truly incense oil burners why do they need to be kept out of sight? Being an incense oil burner there would be no illegal boundary for a child to purchase this item as it is an empty glass tube with a ball at the end, remember they cannot call this a pipe but they are readily available for sale in a store where minors can go into. The stores that sell these products make more than enough money ,they do not need to sell meth pipes. Let the people seeking these items out go over to the next city and stay out of ours. A good mayor would never allow the sale of these items in their town, a good mayor would also expose a business that sells these items to the citizens of south Saint Paul.  I do not see meth pipes being sold in Eden Prairie Etc. 

Please help the citizens of South Saint Paul ban and prohibit the sales of meth pipes AKA incense oil burners within our city.

These are not incense oil burners everybody knows what they are , don't be sold out by your current city leadership for a couple of business Revenue dollars, we don't need them dollars. If you are not part of the solution you're part of the problem! please sign this petition

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