Eliminate Signage on Road Right of Ways

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When election time comes around what do you see?  Signs!  Vote for this, vote for that, vote for me!  More than that, this is a problem year round!  I buy houses, I sell houses, I haul junk!  How about hauling off all these signs?  We won't even get into how they distract drivers and can cause an accident.

The goal is to make where we live a more beautiful place and a step towards that would be to enact an ordinance that effectively outlaws any placement of signage on local and county right-of-ways, easements, etc.  We already have this at a state level; Alabama Code Section 23-1-6 "signs, markers and advertising on the rights-of-way of state controlled highways are prohibited except those official signs or markers placed in the right of way by the State Department of Transportation or under its authority." Why don't we have this in our county?

Help make your community beautiful again!  Let your voice be heard and SIGN to ditch the signs!