Stop the contract between Fn and Sweden about the free imigration

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The problem is that Sweden has already many NO GO Zones. Its already Critical situation with shootings every week almost and Sexually. Fysically. Emotionally abusings against womens / peoples. The Swedish peoples is not safe in their country and it will bee worse if Sweden open up for free immigration. The economy is not under control. Old peoples suffering. Many even dont hawe own homes to live in.
The polices are afraid to work in the No Go Zones allready.

The problem can be solved if Swedens politcians listen to the Swedish peoples. The majority dont want free immigration because it can cause them very much proplem. The politcians shall not do this contract with FN because its not for Swedens best. STOP IT NOW. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

Personal story
Im women who is very worried about Swedish plans to make this contract with FN.
I wondering if they thinking anything at all on the peoples living in Sweden ?
We need democrathy in Sweden.