Relocate the Proposed Dump Station In The Town Of Pinedale

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The town of Pinedale has proposed a new $125,000+ open sewage septic dump and water fill station near Bridger Ave and Mill Street, (directly across the street from Ridley's). This proposed location will significantly increase the amount of large truck traffic on what is already one of the most busy intersections in Pinedale; This increase in commercial truck and RV traffic will pose a significant danger to the community as they access Ridley’s, Obo’s and Fremont Lake Road. No traffic study or impact study has been performed to validate this location as safe for the community.

Furthermore, the proposed location will have users dumping raw sewage feet away from what is now a restaurant. This health and Sanitary hazard will undoubtedly hurt this existing business and hinder opportunity for future business and owners of these establishments.

Finally, members of the Grace Life Church will be greeted to Sunday services each day by the smell of raw sewage. This location, as well as the odor caused by the dump station will negatively impact many home and property values and also Rendezvous weekend booths and activities that take place nearby.

This action was taken by the town without providing impacted parties with ample notice or information regarding this plan.

The people of Pinedale Wyoming demand that the town stop all progress of this project and/or find an alternate location for this dump station.

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