Petition to install a 4 way stop or round about Stonehaven Dr/Sawyer Way/Summitview Dr

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As a concerned citizen of Kanata/Bridlewood and a member of several Kanata and Bridlewood groups. I wanted to start a petition for Jim Watson and Allan Hubley to view how many residents have made the same complaints about how dangerous Stonehaven is, not only due to speeding but especially due to the fact that people can not turn left or right from the McDonalds at 800 Stonehaven Drive as well as off Sawyer Way and Summitview Drive. A driver or pedestrian must make a dangerous decision to cross on to Stonehaven Drive with cars coming in both directions and make it safely which is very difficult and dangerous to do, especially in winter. This constant flow of traffic from Old Richmond Road does not stop and gets worse during rush hours. The new Mattamy development between Hope Side Drive and Stonehaven Drive is making this intersection busier than it has ever been. I have emailed Kanata South councillor Allan Hubley and Jim Watson about this issue for over 5 years and they claim traffic studies have been done and this does not warrant any changes. The fact is: something needs to be done, either a 4 way stop or round about should be installed at this intersection and this is why I am creating this petition. Please help fight the city in their choice against not making this intersection safer.