Speed Limit change in Payne Gap Ky to 35 mph to promote safety and prevent more deaths.

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Joshua Craig Carter, my brother was killed in a car crash on US 119 - Payne Gap area, Letcher Co. Ky. Upon learning this news, I immediately thought about how the speed limit in that area truly needs to be lower than 55 mph. For the small road, the extreme curves, etc, the speed limit should be 35-45 mph. My brothers life isn’t the only one that has been lost in that area. My brother wanted to do so many good, positive things in this world, during his lifetime. There is no limit to the positive changes he would like to be made, so I am starting with this. I feel he would consider this extremely important, and dire. The vehicle my brother was in, was NOT going fast, it was going under the speed limit. My family values our lives and the lives of others. People need to value the lives of other drivers and passengers. And if they themselves can not do that, then the law, and rules of the road must do it. The speed limit needs to be changed, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. For My Brother, for any other that has lost their lives and loved ones and to prevent future loss and heart ache in this community and world.