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Oppose West Virginia Senate Bill 270 Allowing Commercial Logging in WV State Parks

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Here is an excerpt from the site titled “Why oppose SB 270” (cited at bottom of page)

“SB 270 changes the purpose of WV state parks away from preservation and opens the door for commercial logging.

The limited “protections” offered in SB 270 are poorly defined and ill-conceived. Does the 4-trees-per-acre average include trees lost to logging road and landing construction? Is it an annual limit or a lifetime limit? What does “generally not used by the public” mean in the definition for a tract eligible for logging? Does the presence of hiking trails indicate public use and protect those areas from logging?

Leaving the details out of this bill to sort out later in rulemaking, after it becomes lawful to log WV state parks, could be problematic. Governor Justice’s recent executive order placing a moratorium on new regulations and rulemaking could even make it impossible to put such rules in place.

With a bill of this impact on publicly owned lands, DNR and DOF should put more time and effort into a collaborative and public process. We agree that state parks need additional funding and want to work with the Governor and Legislature on solutions other than commercial logging.”

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