Take political party indicators off election ballots

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Political parties are stupid. There, I said it. America is a nation in decline and political parties are ultimately to blame. Not the exorbitant amount of money that we spend on the military and foreign aid, not the liberals, not the conservatives. None of these are the real problem. The real problem is that the voting public is filled with uninformed citizens who refuse to vote for a candidate who isn’t a member of “their” party. The real problem is the lack of creative and original thinking in government. The real problem is that our representatives are too busy worrying about staying in office to actually do anything. The real problem is the political party system. Obviously, the parties are far too ingrained into American culture to just get rid of them, but what if we at least tried to do something about it? A baby-step, a beginning to a new era of American politics. There’s one very reasonable measure, that, if taken, would vastly reduce the harm caused by the party system. The removal of party indicators, you know, that little “(D)” or “(R)” next to a candidate’s name, from voting ballots. Including political party indicators on ballots is irresponsible because it encourages ignorant voters, perpetuates the duopoly that rules American politics, and results in a gridlocked, ineffective government.