make Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle break up in season 9

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Alex Rogers
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ever since Season 7 Episode 8 (151"Hard to Say Anything" first aired from May 27, 2017.


a few months ago before that episode got aired, when couple of episodes synopsis was revealed including that episode, the fandom has gone berserk when reading the info about that Feather Bangs & Big Macintosh was about to fight over Sugar Belle.

and then after the episode ended: the fanbase just went outraged seeing that Big Macintosh is officially with Sugar Belle leaving the FlutterMacCheeriMacMarbleMac and other shipper fans for Big Mac being shipped with ended up throwing away their fanarts of their favorite ships isn't officially a thing INCLUDING fan's OCs being shipped with her and even "their waifu" end up got stolen by Big Macintosh.

and so now we demand you to break them up and leave the fans shippings alone especially for their waifus and OCs being with her.


UPDATE 5/21/2018

apparently Hasbro, DHX, writers, & creators just trolled us badly, and now we have fed up with you guys on going this far and you just tricked us to make them break up OVER A FREAKING COUSIN?!

now we have had it with you guys doing this again and you still never listened to our demand to break them up for going to far on making all our waifus get stolen alot.

episode "The Break up Break down" aired in May 19, 2018

at first when the synopsis got revealed when we first heard about that "Sugar Belle wants to break up with him" and we thought they actually payed attention to us but NOPE they FREAKING TROLLED US

now we really want you guys to make them really get broken up in SEASON 9