Do Not Open Deptford Mall On Thanksgiving Day

Opening on thanksgiving requires more manpower for police fire and EMS.

Instead of minimal staffing police and fire departments will have to put more personnel on duty to handle traffic, car accidents, and even added crime.

Our first responders will suffer and have to give up more of the precious family time they have.
The average citizen will also loose out.

Municipal and state budgets will bear the burden of paying double or triple time to a full staff instead of a minimal crew of first responders on Thanksgiving due to contract requirements.

This means that taxes will have to be raised to provide the additional staff that will be required to maintain safety and response times on that day.

Retailers can respect our families, our first responders, the wallets of their customers, and our American Ideals by keeping their doors closed on Thanksgiving.

Sean Schuback, Langhorne, PA, United States
6 years ago
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