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Don’t let Romney and Obama dodge the issue of Big Money corrupting politics


I'm sick of legalized corruption. And I'm tired of nobody talking about it. This election is being purchased right in front of our eyes by a tiny handful of super rich mega-donors. I want my vote to count, but at this rate, my vote and pretty much everyone else’s will be drowned out by the billions of dollars that are flooding into this election.


Big Money is ruining politics and our country, and it’s time for the two candidates running to lead this nation to tell us how they are going to fix it. This is a huge and complicated issue, from super PACs to undisclosed spending to Citizens United to public financing of elections. There is plenty to be done.


It’s not partisan – it’s patriotic. Over eight out of ten Americans agree that there should be limits that fix our broken system. America is supposed to be a democracy – of the people, by the people, for the people – not a money-ocracy – of the wealthy, by the dollars, for the special interests. Both sides are guilty. Both sides need to own up and talk about how to solve this problem.


Obama, Romney, and their super PACs have spent over $1.5 billion on this election. And they’re using it to batter us with negative, unproductive, and often untrue ads. Where is most of that money coming from? Not from me. And probably not from you either. Over 80 percent of super PAC contributions have come from only 196 people. There are over 300 million Americans – that’s not democracy.


I want a system I can believe in. I want to take America back from those 196 people and put it in the hands of all the people. I want to force Obama and Romney to confront the issue that is threatening to destroy our democracy and the values we hold dear.


Please join me in urging Jim Lehrer to focus on the issue of Big Money in politics during the first presidential debate on October 3rd. We have a chance to change the conversation and confront this issue. Please sign now – we only have a couple of days to defend our democracy!



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