How Would You Like To Have a Disability and Get Paid $3​.​34 an Hour?

How Would You Like To Have a Disability and Get Paid $3​.​34 an Hour?

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Started by Rachael Weiser

People with disabilities are legally allowed to get paid below minimum wage, for $3.34 an hour!

People with disabilities are more than capable of contributing to society as much as people without disabilities. People's disabilities are their superpowers! A quote by Sean Burke who is a famous actor with down syndrome reads: "It's not about performing disabilities. It's about performing abilities. That's the message" - Chris Burke.

Albert Einstein who is known all around the world as a genius had dyslexia and autism.

Hellen Keller who was blind and deaf earned a college, wrote 12 books, helped found the American Civil Liberties Union in 1920 and all throughout her life, tirelessly advocated for people with disabilities.

American Girl's first model with down syndrome, Ivy Kimble, at age 4 years old, understands and communicates with the show-hosts very clearly in this video:


A quote from the TedTalk Description of the video of a seventh grade student with autism giving a TedTalk describes who he is as a person and his many accomplishments:

"Benji Gans is a seventh grader at Meyer Academy. He is fluent in Hebrew, plays several instruments, and has an uncanny memory for details. His peers refer to him as Ben-gps because he can tell you how to get anywhere in the United States even if he has only been there once. Benji was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three years old. Learning to talk was extremely challenging for him. Many experts wondered whether Benji would ever learn to communicate. Now, a decade later, Benji has a remarkable ability to articulate what it is like to have autism and how he has managed to overcome many obstacles at such a young age" - TedTalk

Please find here the TedTalk video:


A teenager gives a TedTalk about how the characteristics of his autism helped him build a 6.33 meter long replica of the Titantic when he was ten years old.

Please find his TedTalk video below:


Articles Explaining Why People With Disabilities Deserve Equal Pay

172 have signed. Let’s get to 200!