Replace Audra Houghton as ACCT's Interim Executive Director

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The City of Philadelphia needs to replace Audra Houghton as Interim Executive Director at Animal Care and Control Team Philadelphia, also known as ACCT Philly

She was unqualified to be Director of Operations when Vincent Medley recruited her from Texas at Philly's expense instead of hiring a local candidate. Before working at ACCT, she had 2 1/2 years of experience as a supervisor (not a manager).  She has only been Director of Operations at ACCT for 1 year 10 months--not enough experience to manage a complex organization like ACCT. 

Audra Houghton has created a lot tension at ACCT and continues to do so with her mismanagement. Like when she banned Emeka's Fund and refused to reinstate them even after told to do so by ACCT's Board of Directors. 

ACCT needs change and leadership. Audra continues to show she is all about herself and has no interest in doing what is best for ACCT. 

SIGN and TELL THEM WHY YOU THINK Audra Houghton should be replaced as ACCT's Interim Executive Director.