Ban Use of Tear Gas on Civilians

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Kimberly Togman
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Why is a chemical weapon banned for the use in war used against peaceful protests on American soil? The use of tear gas defined as "asphyxiating gas, or any other kind of gas, liquids, substances or similar materials" is prohibited in the use of war by the Geneva Protocol of 1925. It is a dangerous chemical weapon that the Philadelphia Police Department, among many departments across the country, use to disperse protests.

This petition and that undersigned call on the Mayor of Philadelphia to ban the use of tear gas on civilians and to greatly reduce the city's stockpile of such a dangerous weapon. It also calls on the city council of Philadelphia to keep the Mayor's office accountable by drafting and submitting a resolution condemning the use of tear gas on civilians and banning its future use in Philadelphia. 

The fall of Frank Rizzo's racist and homophobic statue this morning was merely symbolic, and the undersigned call on Philadelphia to demand real change. This petition serves to limit the militarization and human rights violations of the Philadelphia Police Department.

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