Buffalo Bills Domed Stadium on Lackawanna's Waterfront is the only right place!

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 * National waterfront showcase 1275 acres.


* Stadium District (235 acres), domed stadium (retractable roof) beside a large Harbor with an impressive front plaza and boardwalk. Enclosed sky-walks connect the stadium, four high rise hotels/offices, condos, Splash Lagoon, museums/sports theme attractions, restaurant and shopping district on Ridge Rd. and Old Hamburg Turnpike (service road re-beautification).


* Jewel - Wood Lawn Beach re-beautification and extension, 300 feet across pristine sand beach, stretches a total length of two miles partially into Lackawanna. The north end is an elevated white canopy covered amphitheater built into the side of a large grass covered berm overlooking the park, beach and unobstructed sunset bay views.


* Green projects (1,000 acres), 200 RV/camper sites, picnic shelters, outdoor athletic areas (football, baseball, basketball and soccer), existing seagull nursery & light house north end, garden area, art area (think artpark), three main lodges, bicycle paths, landscaped with ponds, fountains, natural rock formations and 30,000 trees etc.


* Multiple six existing access roads.Fast track Hamburg turnpike, with no stop lights.


* Fast track Thruway connector build a seventh access 1.6 mile to link up with the Hamburg Turnpike and the Waterfront with no tolls.


* Connect the light rail transit system (an eighth access) out and along the waterfront to the park to compliment, highlight and access the City of Buffalo’s wonderful numerous hotels, restaurants, shops, theaters (main street), arts, rich architectural design buildings and waterfront.


* Continuous Waterfront Park system - anchor store effectwhere tourist and citizens would transverse back and forth between the Bethlehem Waterfront Park in between redevelopments, the small boat harbor, more outer harbor redevelopments and the City of Buffalo's many offerings.


* Tailgating Bills fans protected from the weathera half a mile away from the immediate shoreline.


* Attract the Super Bowl a natural showcase for 80,000 fans and millions of viewers on TV.


* Uplift City of Buffalo and Western New York into a Green belt, environmentally friendly image receive national, international recognition and tourism.


* Uplift City of Lackawanna that desperately needs taxable redevelopment, re-beautification of the city, recently the city asked the State to take over road repair. The few relatively clean industries currently on Lackawanna's waterfront can be relocated with state and federal grants inland to designated areas.


* Create thousands of jobs in construction, hotels, stores, restaurants and support businesses.


While attending the three recent outer harbor meetings, the Mayor of Buffalo announced in his speech there is 4.8 billion dollars of investment at this moment in economic development in the city. I sense a large percentage is spurred on by the clean up and exciting developments around the waterfront in providing public access.


However the bigger picture of Western New York's waterfront clean up effort in the existing plans so far is best described as setting the goal line at the 50 yard line, then patting each other on our backs and saying well done.


 We have a once in a life time opportunity that rarely comes along with the wind (public sentiment) in our favor, driving us forward in cleaning up all the waterfront, making a robust, vibrant green and blue economy. Which will return to us incredible opportunities and tremendous economic vitality. If we drop the ball now and allow industry that no longer needs the waterfront to grow stronger to get it's roots sunk back into the community, it will be to late to stop a larger more polluting industry wanting in on the waterfront. We will be complaining in later years as we do today and be scorned by later generations that we failed to finished the job.


We live in NEW YORK STATE, we are suppose to be known for facing great challenges, finding solutions, triumphing, leading the nation and the world.


The Bethlehem Waterfront Park Project is a legitimate worthy cause to seek funds from the federal government as seed money to pay for the complete initial clean up and re-beautification.


Thank you, Please also sign the eviromental study clean up petition here https://www.change.org/petitions/bethlehem-waterfront-park-project


More details of the park https://www.flickr.com/photos/dreamscapesl/14263971386/in/photostream/lightbox/


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