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We demand justice for what one man did to over a 100 horses

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Over 100 horses were found malnourished, dying, or dead on Jerry Earl’s property and all he is facing are misdemeanor charges. Animal abuse, especially at this scale, demands justice. For too long animals have been treated like property with minimal, if any, consequences for their abuse. Our petition is calling on the Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood, to do a complete independent investigation of one of the worst cases of animal abuse in the state’s history.

On November 29, 2014, two individuals went to a property in Copiah County, MS to view a plot of land for sale. To their horror, they discovered a scene of appalling animal neglect and abuse. Over 100 horses were either dead or struggling to stay alive. They immediately took photos of the horses and brought them to local law enforcement. A deputy went out to the property and told the couple the sheriff’s department would handle it from here, telling them there was no need to fill out a report or sign an affidavit. 

By the time law enforcement and a veterinarian with the State Board of Animal Health, also the accused’s neighbor, arrived, the dead horses had been buried and the sicker animals removed. A review by the State Board of Animal Health was released stating the remaining horses had some need for medical care, but for the most part were in good condition. The couple says the review in no way captures the scene they witnessed and the photos they took.

This is why we started this petition calling for an independent investigation by Attorney General Jim Hood. It is the only way all the evidence can be evaluated with the weight it deserves and justice served for such mass cruelty. If all Jerry Earls gets for abusing over 100 animals is a slap on the wrist, we are sending a message that Mississippi doesn’t take animal abuse seriously. Being clear animal abuse will come with harsh consequences, along with Jerry Earls close ties with investigators, demands the Mississippi Attorney General must step in. Please sign and share our petition for an independent investigation today.

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