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Tell the City of Bedford, TX: Take Care of Your Wildlife!

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The City of Bedford, Texas dredged the Bedford Boys Ranch Lake in the summer of last year. They did not provide a contingency plan for the wildlife in the process; an unexpected development to many Bedford citizens. Now the project is grossly behind schedule and the ducks and turtles have no adequate shelter or food supply. Trees and vegetation were removed. Concrete walls were built around the lake so that they do not allow for baby ducks to get out of the water. Now that it is Spring and they are hatching, they are drowning! The City removed the island that was an egret nesting ground as well as a protected area for the ducks, turtles, and other wildlife. There is NO vegetation or natural food source in the lake. There are NO fish. There is NO safe haven for the animals. The eco system has been destroyed and the animals continue to suffer in what appears to be a large swimming pool surrounded by dirt. On Saturday, April 2nd, concerned citizens found four drowned baby ducks, a dead adult mallard duck, and a large dead turtle, all in one day. It is past time for the City to take responsibility for the destruction of a delicate habitat and prioritize the animals who have few places to go. No more empty promises or delays.

I am asking the City of Bedford to provide floating islands, designated areas of shelter without human interference for the waterfowl and babies, and indigenous plants and food sources that will allow them to thrive again. The animals require permanent ramps around the lake that allow for easy access in and out. Citizens are constructing what they can to avoid more unnecessary loss of wildlife. Animals continue to die. The animals do matter and are an important part of the city too. It is past time to repair what was carelessly taken away from them.

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