Help build a public skate park at Wills Park in Alpharreta, Georgia.

Help build a public skate park at Wills Park in Alpharreta, Georgia.

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For over a decade, Alpharetta has been hit with complaints that young people on skateboards have taken over downtown streets often jumping in front of cars and damaging infrastructure. Without a public city skatepark, there isn't a place for young people to enjoy skateboarding but on the streets. With a public city skatepark, this would allow skateboarders a safe place to enjoy their hobby while not interrupting downtown Alpharetta city life. Wills Park will be the perfect place! #alpharettaLOVE

The petition made it into the latest Community Impact Milton-Alpharetta Newspaper article!

Community Impact Newspaper Latest Article

The petition made into the latest AJC article!

Atlanta Journal Constitution Lastest Article

The petition made the Alpharetta-Roswell Herald Newspaper!

Alpharetta-Roswell Newspaper Latest Article

Link to the Atlanta Journal Constitution article that inspired this movement on May 20th, 2020:

Young skateboarders posing a problem for Alpharetta’s ‘older’ residents

2nd article published by AJC on June 4th, 2020:

Alpharetta skateboarders ask City Council to reconsider ban

Fox 5 article published on May 22nd, 2020:

Fox 5 Coverage with mention of Alpharetta Skate Park Petition

**Community Impact Newspaper article published on May 19th, 2020:

Alpharetta City Council discusses potential skateboarding regulations at May 18 meeting

**2nd Impact Newspaper published article published on June 2nd, 2020:

Alpharetta City Council passes first reading of skateboarding ordinance

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