Get the DEC to move their new Marine HQ building to a more suitable site.

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Sarah Kautz
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The Marine Resources Division of the DEC is attempting to build a new headquarters in Nissequogue River State Park which is located in Kings Park on Long Island.  They have selected a prime location that overlooks the river and is among the most pristine areas of the park.  We are supportive of the DEC moving their headquarters to within the park but believe that locating a 25,000 square foot commercial office building on one of the most beautiful and visible areas of the park overlooking the marina is not appropriate. We also believe that managing the same access and egress points with the park’s main entrance will prove to be problematic. There are several options within the 532 acre park that are far more appropriate.  The DEC needs to move the building to a more suitable site that does not negatively impact the park experience for the entire community.