Call to the City of Nelson for Redistrubtion of Police Funding!

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This petition has been created by concerned citizens to bring to the attention the injustices that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) face at the hands of Police. This petition is to express opposition to the overfunding of the Nelson Police Department and lack of transparency they have displayed while serving the City of Nelson.
It is urged that the Nelson Police Department make a public response in regards to the ongoing violence and death that police cause towards Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)  throughout the world.
Even as a small constituent of the world’s larger police body, the power the Nelson Police Department holds in our community comes with many responsibilities and risks. It is imperative that our BIPOC community in Nelson and surrounding area is at absolutely no risk of having to experience any degree of racist policing.
It is with the safety and security of our BIPOC community members in mind that we implore our city council to pledge to do the following:

1. To immediately revise the 2020 budget and reduce unnecessary funding to police.

2. To prioritize, protect and expand investments for community health and safety strategies, instead of investing in police.

3. To prioritize immediate police reform on all levels. Including:

a. Stop any increases to police funding or the police department's budget.

b. To put a halt to all hiring of additional officers, the purchase of additional 
violent equipment or any planned expansions.

c. Mandating a zero-tolerance approach in penalizing and/or prosecuting police officers who commit unwarranted violence in any form to non-violent and non-resisting individuals.

d. Increasing involvement of mental health professionals, social workers, outreach workers, EMT’s, nurses etc. as first responders to non-violent crimes and individuals in crisis instead of police. Investing in having these alternative responses available in our community.

e. Refocus policing on providing support rather than laying charges.

f. Immediately revoke the practice of equipping guns for non-violent responses and for officers to rely on de-escalation tactics instead.

g. Implement immediate and routine training that focuses on cultural competency, anti-racist trainings, peaceful deescalation and gun free response.

h. Have police support and educate our community on anti-racism, to create safety for our BIPOC community.

i. Have police support and protect our BIPOC community when they are faced with racist encounters of any degree.

j. To be transparent about policing practices in our community. 

Our city needs the trust and confidence that our local officials will do everything to protect our people’s health and safety. Now is the time to invest in a safe, liberated future for Nelson. We cannot keep funding a system that’s deeply rooted in racial injustice and violence. Your role is to focus on issues important to our community and to demonstrate leadership. As such, it is part of your duty as Mayor and council to address this petition and meet its demands with the urgency that this matter requires.
Invest in our community! Divest in police!