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Justice for Richard Rivera

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As a mother and an active member of this community, I am greatly distressed about some recent events that have taken place in our backyard without justice.
On June 15,Richard Rivera, and a known associate Paul Williams were sitting on some steps having a conversation over a beer, as friends often do. The conversation turned to disagreement, which happens sometimes and should not lead to any abnormal occurrences. However, what ensued after the disagreement wasn't anything but normal.
Paul decided to react violently. He unexpectedly punched Richy and repeatedly stomped his head into the ground. This was not your everyday scuffle between two friends. Mr. Williams continuously brutalized an unconscious man. He repeatedly kicked his head on the pavement over a petty argument, resulting in level 2 brain injury. Richy brain was swollen and bleeding and was on life support for weeks at a disclosed hospital . He has yet to regain consciousness. Although Richy has recently been making progress and has opened his eyes, he cannot make voluntary movements and still has no awareness of what is going on around him.
Our biggest fear is that Richy won't ever be the same man we all loved again .A Richy that doesn't fish anymore ? (The best fisherman HANDSDOWN) ?A Richy that can't play with his daughter? Richy was my fiancé but really he was so much more than that. He was your friend, your brother , your co worker , your neighbor ,your classmate ,but most importantly he was someone's father .Richy was loved by so many people and played and important role to so many that the list goes on and on .
As horrifying as all this sounds, it gets worse. Any reasonable person would expect that Mr. Williams would be facing very serious charges. After all, he viciously assaulted a man over a small disagreement.Paul openly admitted his actions to the police and several others , almost bragging about the incident.This is NOT how people conduct themselves in a civilized society. However, no arrests have been made. Mr. Williams has since shown no remorse and has even posted more threats on Facebook.
I am afraid. This is my community. Our community. Our children play and live and go to school here. To know that such a violent, easily provoked man is out there free while Richy lies still in a hospital bed a month after the attack is haunting.We are afraid that Richy will not get the justice he deserves and this will become yet another crime swept under the rug and forgotten in Nashua NH.
We need to send a clearer message that this kind of terrible, reactive, extreme violence is unacceptable in our city. What are we saying when we let a man almost Dying bring another man within an inch of his life over a trivial argument and then brag about it and make threats on social media, and nothing will happen to them.
This is not OK with us .As a citizen of this city, as a mother, as his fiancé ,as a person with common decency, this appalls me. I beseech you all to sign this petition to bring justice to our community and restore peace of mind that such a heinous act of hostility does not go unpunished.

As many of you have asked me " what can you do to help?" This helps !! Sign the petition , share his story ... BE HIS VOICE!Please join his family , friends And myself and share this as much as you can and get Richy the justice he deserves.#Justice4Richy
Thank you

For anyone with information or interested in helping Richards case please contact me Sasha Rodriguez 603-438-0845
Or his sister Linette Albarran (603) 943-2712


if you would like to donate money to his go fund me I have attached a link

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