Turn Garfield gay for Jon and Odie

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Ever since I was a child, I've been turned on by Jon. My grandparents kept a few compilations of Garfield in their bookshelf beside the books of Family Circus and Calvin and Hobbes. I would state at those books for hours, poring over every page, every punchline, every drawing of my sexy prince, Jon. When I was 13, and kids in my grade were beginning to get hormonal urges and the such, I had already been mastrubating to Jon from the Garfield comics for 8 years. Now I am 23, and the honeymoon period of my love for Jon from Garfield is over. I've broken up with my past three girlfriends because I simply can't get hard knowing that I could be jerking off to Jon's sexy brown hair. Just like John will never be able to get a girlfriend, I'll never be able to keep a girlfriend. Lately, my list for Jon's long and girthy penis has only gotten worse, and I've been desperately searching for Garfield porn online. Although Jon porn is a little more difficult to come by, it's definitely out there. The only problem is, Garfield Hentai artists will usually change their art style in order to better assist the mastrubatory efforts of other viewers. I find this version of Jon decietful, disgusting. This isn't the Jon I love. I've begun to contemplate suicide over the fact that I will never be able to satisfy myself with a picture of Jon, in his original artstyle, getting his ass eaten out by Garfield. This is where I call on YOU, Jim Davis. As webcomics become more and more popular, you have no reason not to turn Garfield into a NSFW webcomic. Please let me jerk off to some Jon/Odie hentai. Please. My body yearns for his. I will pay any amount of money. Please.