Keep Carlos Correa in Houston

Keep Carlos Correa in Houston

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Started by Vincent ponteri

Carlos Correa has been an integral part of the Houston Astros organization since he arrived at the Major League level in 2015.  Not only is he an amazing player on the field, but he is a true leader in the clubhouse and on the field. Correa took the negativity of the 2017 scandal on his shoulders, being the voice and face of our redemption.  Taking on the media, for our organization to save face, and answering the questions put forth.  He publicly cleared team mates that did not use the system, which subsequently incriminated himself. 

We the fans want him to stay a Houston Astro.  With his impending free agency, we task you Jim Crane and James Click to make that happen.  We, the fans, do not want some shallow offer to appease us, knowing that it is not going to be a competitive offer.  We want him back.  Correa has expressed many times that he wants to stay in Houston.  We are not naïve enough to know that a simple petition will cause you to heed our wants, so this will not be a simple petition.

We, the fans, pledge to forgo purchasing a minimum of 3 officially licensed Astros merchandise, per year, for the length of contract time for Carlos Correa if he signs elsewhere. Let's breakdown some numbers on that.  $30 per item is a fair average for officially licensed products.  Therefore, if we have a 100k signatures, that is $9 million a year in lost revenue.  At 500k signatures, $45 million a year in lost revenue.  Being in the printing business, it is easy to figure out your margins on the merchandise sales.

 It is within your power to keep him here Jim Crane & James Click, while still giving us the competitive team to get to the World Series again.  We, the fans, will hold you accountable with our money.  Make it happen.

-Astros Nation

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!