Call upon Canada to halt tariffs that interfere with right of freedom of religion

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1.       Cholov Yisroel is a term which refers to dairy products which have been produced in a manner that observes the dietary requirements of the Torah;

2.       Cholov Yisroel cheese plays an integral role in the diets of Canadians of all denominations of Judaism (hereafter “Canadian Jews”) and the practice of Judaism;

3.       For many decades, Canadian Jews have enjoyed freedom of religion in Canada, of which their freedom of access to Kosher food is an integral part;

4.       An important aspect of Judaism is the observance of religious holidays, including dietary restrictions during the holiday and feasts at the close of the holiday;

5.       In or around December, 2017, the Government of Canada began to impose a tariff of 245% upon internationally produced cholov Yisroel cheese;

6.       The tariffs have interfered with the ability of Canadian Jews to observe the dietary requirements of the Torah;

7.       The tariffs impose undue hardship and create a limited market which uniquely impacts Canadian Jews;

8.       The tariffs significantly reduce the variety of cholov Yisroel cheeses available to Canadian Jews; and

9.       The decreased access caused by the tariff impedes the constitutional right of Canadian Jews to freely practice Judaism according to their customs.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately halt the unconstitutional tariffs imposed upon internationally-produced cholov Yisroel cheese which tariffs uniquely impact Canadian Jews and interfere with their ability to practice Judaism.