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Jim Beall’s response

Jim Beall
State Senator

May 12, 2014 — Thank you for sending me your support for the removal of the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse. Currently I have two bills that do just that, Senate Bill 926, Damages: Childhood Sexual Abuse: Statute of Limitations and Senate Bill 924, Damages: Childhood Sexual Abuse: Statute of Limitations.

Justice for Sexual Abuse Victims

Medical research shows the trauma inflicted on victims of childhood sex abuse can result in memory loss, severely affecting their ability to report the crime to authorities. But the law fails to recognize pedophiles are using that psychological harm to help them hide from justice. We cannot allow this injustice to continue.

This year, I introduced legislation to stop child molesters from leveraging the statute of limitations to escape prosecution in both civil and criminal cases.

Senate Bill 926 would reform the criminal statute of limitations by raising the age at which an adult survivor of childhood sex abuse can seek prosecution from age 28 to 40. This bill would apply to the most egregious sex crimes against children. SB 926 is currently before the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

In addition to SB 926, I introduce a companion bill to relax the statute of limitations for civil cases. SB 924 will raise the current age limit a survivor may file a lawsuit against their abuser or entity that enabled the abuse from 26 to 40. SB 924 is currently pending before the Senate Appropriations Committees.

Both of these bills will be heard by the end of May and we need your support.

California must not allow sex abusers to turn the law on its head so they can continue to molest children. Changing the statute of limitations will give victims more time to report crimes and allow the justice system to get child molesters off the streets.

You can take action by going to You can find fact sheets for both pieces of legislation, sample support letters and cards and our contact information. You can also sign up on Facebook to get the latest information on the progress on the legislation at

I hope you will join me in this important fight. Take a stand by sending a letter of support and join my Facebook page or follow me on twitter to get the latest updates including co-authors, amendments and committee analysis and actions.

Contact Information

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