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Motel 6 Publicly Apologize for Shooting in Atlanta

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Last summer a mold issue forced us from our home into a pet friendly hotel, Motel 6. In August 2016, days before we celebrated our 1st year of marriage hotel guests that had just been evicted from the property, stole our vehicle with everything inside. Fox 5 Atlanta aired that story because it took away our entire honest working income. After, Fox 5 aired the story a Holly Springs, Ga councilman donated a van so we could immediately start working again. Additionally, some viewers donated about 4 weeks worth of hotel reservations to help us get back on our feet. Motel 6 in Norcross stole reservations and told us to leave the property. After calling corporate Motel6 to complain and ask for help with the illegal actions of the Norcross property, they informed us to move to a corporate owned location so they could compensate us for our mistreatment and refund the stolen money. We moved to the Motel 6 on Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker, Georgia (Metro Atlanta) on August 31, 2016, David's birthday. Corporate Motel 6 never kept their promises on compensation for everything that we've been through, nor any compensation for all our items that were stolen. 26 days past and on the morning of September 26, 2016, the unthinkable happens. We left the property around 11:45, in the morning to fill the car with gas and to grab some breakfast. We returned to the property and parked in our usual parking spot. Minutes later we see a person in a dark heavy coat waving a gun at our car while climbing into a Ford Expedition parked in the spot directly behind us. The next thing we know, the Expedition is reversing and slams into us from behind, with the gunman still half way hanging out the passenger side of the car. After the impact the gunman got out and fired multiple shots. At least 7 bullets or more hit our van. 1 bullet grazed Ricky in the back. While Ricky threw the car in reverse, he pressed the pedal to the floor, pushing the Expedition out the way and sending our van into a S-shape, while the bullets were stilling hitting the car. We crashed into two other parked cars. We later found out from the detective that we had absolutely nothing to do with the incident and that it was a case of mistaken identity. 

We later discovered that same week that the Motel 6 stole almost $400 dollars from our personal bank account, stealing all of our savings.

There are some serious safety issues and concerns at Motel 6 properties, there was no security at the time and the Motel manager stated those same guys were shooting in the parking lot the night before and did absolutely nothing to have them barred from the property, which resulted in Ricky Johnson and David Wells almost losing their lives over an incident that could've been prevented.

We want the location closed.

Security checks when vehicles enter.

Visible armed security guards at all times since there is danger on their properties.

We demand an apology from the CEO Jim Amorosia on Fox 5 News (Reporter Marissa Mitchell) to Ricky Johnson, David Wells and the community that supported.

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