Start Funding For Vertical Farming In Starving Nations

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 I am writing to you on behalf of the 20 million people that is said to starve this year in the countries such as South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen and also at risk are Central African Republic, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan which has left millions hungry. Washington's Post On 20 Million To Starve

I have seen vertical greenhouses or greenhouse buildings as futuristic concepts that can be a longterm solution to help these desolate areas where starvation is most prevalent. A vertical greenhouse strategically built in these areas of starvation can provide vegetables and fruits within one farm season. Also water retention and creation systems can be held within these greenhouses. Environmental Scientists and Engineers can discover ingenious ways to make this happen. Labor to keep these greenhouses would provide many who are willing to work, with invaluable jobs and careers. 

Americans could teach these foreign employees how to run these buildings at first, but after awhile, no Americans would be needed unless there is a desire to watch over these greenhouses and provide ongoing training to the people.

America, as known as one of the fattest and over fed nations is being looked at by these countries that are slowly starving. We can not sit back and give money towards war machines and weapons while our fellow mankind is on the brink of starvation. 

I ask ALL other political bills and agendas be held back and push instead for funds on the construction of these greenhouses immediately. FOOD and WATER is the number one priority to basic survival. All other human rights needs will have to come second to this. 

We need to FEED and quench the THIRST of our fellow man and can not afford to ignore this problem any longer. 

All it takes is a bit of heart based consciousness to awaken to the ability to truly make a change in these areas that are suffering. These buildings would be less expensive than some of the war machines built. The collective conscience of America is dependent upon helping these nations with ways that will allow the people to tend to their own crops in the futures to come. All they need are the vertical buildings and clean water systems to start the foundation in their lands. 

Please send this petition to everyone on earth to sign and show the DIRE need to go ahead with the construction of these greenhouses in all areas in need. 

If we start this process of construction today, many more people will be saved in the future and this species will thrive to its fullest potential. This is also the way of the future for many higher advanced civilizations in space and humanity would join the ranks as a truly advanced species within the Universe.