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NO DAPL / Progress Towards Renewable Energy Goals

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Those of us who grew up in the Harbor Area communities of Los Angeles (South Bay i.e. Wilmington, Carson, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, San Pedro, Harbor City) have for many years been underprivileged and voiceless as to the quality of environment we call our home. Surrounded by toxic refineries that pollute our air, water, and land it is not difficult to see why people who live in these communities suffer from among the highest rate of respiratory disease, childhood asthma, cancer & other industrially triggered illnesses.

The technology for clean energy exists now (few countries now have close to 100% renewable energy) but dirty energy giants are more interested in their deep profit pockets. The technology and the money is available for the publics benefit now we just have to demand it. We, as gears of the dirty energy machine, have the power to remove the grease and lube from ourselves and interrupt the smooth flow of the of the destructive energy system. We are all victims and we cannot blame any single individual for this large mass-scale issue. Solidarity! This is a call for empowerment to the working class, the underprivileged & anyone who knows that peoples lives and health come before corporate profits.

What this petition asks for is a Presentation of Renewable Energy Plans from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, with specific goals and expected dates of accomplishments, initiating the national demand  for Green energy movement in Wilmington, the heart of the harbor.  


list of refineries (operational, idle, closed)

history of Southern California refinery explosions:

List of countries by electricity production from renewable sources:

director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences witnesses first-hand how communities are struggling with health issues related to their environment  -

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