Hire a part-time French teacher and save French at Macomb High School

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The French program at Macomb High School is in danger and we need your help!

 Due to a downturn in student enrollment, there are not enough students to necessitate a full-time French teacher for the upcoming school year. Mademoiselle Longshore is unable to come back as part time and the district is considering transferring the program to an online-only format and phasing it out completely. Help us convince the administration that it is essential to maintain French as an in-person course offering and not a one-dimensional online class. Hiring a new, part time teacher is an investment in the wellbeing of our students and our district! 

Why are in-person French classes important to our students?

  • French is currently spoken on all five continents by 220 million people worldwide (France Diplomatie). Over 2.07 million French speakers live in the U.S. alone (2010 U.S. Census). Taking French at MHS will aid our students to become competitive in a global workforce.
  • French, along with English, is the official working language of many international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, UNESCO, the International Red Cross and the European Union (Western Illinois University)
  • Macomb High School is the only high school in the area that still offers French as a language. Our students value the opportunity to choose between Spanish and French.
  • Many universities, such as Princeton, Notre Dame, Smith College, St. Lawrence University and University of Chicago, recommend students take four years of a single language (Texas Classical Society). MHS students who have already started French with the intention to take all four years will have the opportunity to finish what they have started and incoming classes of francophiles can commit to a complete course of study.
  • Online courses lack the personal element and sense of community offered in the classroom. In-person learning empowers our students to communicate face to face with other French language learners in a genuine way.
  • We love MHS French!

Please sign, share and show that maintaining French as an in-person course offering is important to you using #mac185 on any social media platform.

Thank you for for time.

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