epilepsy foundation on going Funding state government recognise epilepsy is neurological

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 I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by the work of Epilepsy Foundation and wanted to support them by raising awareness .My daughter is 8 years of age diagnosed 3 years ago with epilepsy as her mother who sees what this illness does to her on a daily basis from medication mood swings to the terrible side effects doctor appointments specialists 

Epilepsy effects everyone in the family no one should feel ashamed of who they are together we can break the stigma associated with epilepsy by educating by bringing more awareness I’m advocating for more support education within schools workplaces family and friends more seminars group education training more knowledge and more epilepsy advocates to assist those who need help understanding epilepsy 

I’m advocating for my daughter and others around the world  .Help stop the state government from abandoning  4 neurological disorders including funding for epilepsy we need the on going support assistance the state government needs to acknowledge and recognise epilepsy as a neurological disorder. 

We need government to recognise epilepsy as a neurological disorder  so many families can obtain  funding through NDIS which gain ascess to theripist  equipment and the support services assistance needed 

 if you stop the funding and acknowledging  we will have no help to those families needing assistance education to specialist advice or just being there on the end of the phone when you need someone to talk to – The Epilepsy Foundation provides the specialist support and connectivity that is lacking in the general medical community. Unfortunately the provision of the information and support services so many of you rely on is at risk of being severely diminished.

The Epilepsy Foundation relies heavily on the State Government’s $1.2Million recurrent funding to deliver essential services tailored to Victorians living with Epilepsy including: understanding diagnosis, impacts, risks and management strategies

treatment options

memory impacts

treatment impacts (medication side effects, surgery side effects)

health information

Information line

peer support activities

research, development and delivery of Epilepsy resources

education and information

Epilepsy matters ::: state government need to remember millions of adults and children will be diagnosed With epilepsy loved ones will lose there lives with epilepsy and many more diagnosed 

hoping the state government realises or come across someone with epilepsy that they will only truly understand the real effects of epilepsy does to a family individual or as a whole the government needs to change there throughs views about epilepsy and how epilepsy effects the parents cares children family friends all going through
One way this government can help is by changing policy views that epilepsy is a neurological disorder

This will help millions of families children adults obtaining funding many epileptic sufferers are not getting the weight medical staff medications services and the help that needed as the cost of private is costly and waiting times in the public sector is at all time high for specialists in this field
� but getting the funding will assit those needing the support and giving each sufferer the right direction to the help that needed.

One way you can help

sharing our petition around

By talking to your family friends about epilepsy you can support assist bringing more awareness
Understanding the stigma around epilepsy
Help or be a friend
assist were possible
Stop the stigma
Stop the bullying/discrimination

It shouldn’t matter if epilepsy comes with a secondary disability epilepsy in it self should be covered please share this post world � wide

please assist me I would like everyone to sign the pittion  I would like to make that small difference I’m the voice anyone using the epilepsy foundation and there service or any support groups is in courage to fight. I’m am the voice don’t let the our government take what needed for our children and families.