Petition to regulate bi-weekly testing of all police officers for substance consumption.

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Not all, but some police officers abuse their authority. Police risk their lives to protect their community, and the pressure associated with such duties can lead some officers towards drug/substance abuse. Many police officers use drugs to gain an advantage of their own. Many street officers find themselves vulnerable to their "suspects" so in order for them to gain control in these situations, some may consume substances to build physical confidence and regulate or take away their emotions in order to prevent fear within themselves. In order for us to ensure that Police do not turn to substance abuse due to their stress, it is essential that Police across Ontario be tested bi-weekly for substance consumption. For people to truly feel safe, those who are positioned to serve and protect us must be examined regularly to ensure the safety of the people, and to minimize possible clouded judgement through substance consumption. The safety of the people must come first and it starts with ALL people being reassured that we are truly safe in the hands of the law. Regulating the analysis of police is the first step to reinforcing safety and comfort within oppressed communities.