Affordable re-evaluation fees for school & college students & proper payment for examiners

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Problems Faced By Students: 

In certain Rural parts of India, despite of different NGOs and other organisations working tirelessly; Children still do not receive the education they deserve. It so happens in these families, that parents are uneducated and rely on their child. Which in some cases makes them the sole breadwinner of the family. At such a tender age, these children are compelled to fulfill their duties which they would otherwise do at the age of 21 or 22. Having said that, I would like to throw some light on the way answer sheets of school and college students are assessed and marked. There have been cases where students who failed or did not clear certain papers as appeared on the mark sheet and on applying for a re-evaluation, the same student gets marked generously. The re-evaluation fees for one paper is 1000 Rupees. This way if a student has three arrears in three core papers, he/she would have to pay 3000 Rupees. This amount is not affordable nor feasible for everybody. Students who cannot afford the amount have no other option but to let go of their degrees and employ themselves in menial jobs. When we say everyone has the right to education, why or how does the system find a loophole and not let the student reap the benefits of it? Is education in India still a dream or a mere illusion? Children and Youngsters are the Future; We need to help them grow and nurture them to make this world a better place.

Problems Faced By Examiners:

To the amount of papers examiners correct, they get paid in peanuts which is really not fair. They are paid 9 Rupees for correcting a single paper. Which means, if they correct 40 papers a day they make 160 Rupees. For the meticulous work they do, they do not get the deserved incentive which in turn brings out their laid back attitude while correcting the papers. If the system understands what’s at stake, they certainly would do something about it.