Let Jamshedpur remain with the Tatas

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I am a resident of Jamshedpur, having been born and brought up in the steel city when it was still a part of Bihar. 

Jamshedpur is one of the most well-planned cities in India, certainly among the cleanest and greenest in the country, and a huge credit for this goes to the Tatas.

We often see how the roads in Delhi and Mumbai get waterlogged if it rains continuously for two hours, but Jamshedpur has faced torrential rains for periods of two continuous days, and still the city has remained high and dry, thanks to the immaculate town planning, again courtesy the Tatas.

Jamshedpur has never faced any problem with water, electricity or other civic amenities because of the care taken by the Tatas.

It has one of the best hospitals in eastern India, and certainly in Jharkhand, and that is again a Tata hospital.

As a matter of fact, the road linking the steel city to the Tatanagar Railway Station, which lies outside the Tata township area, was always in a bad shape for years on end because of the apathy by the then Bihar government. When Jharkhand came into being, Tata took things in its own hand, and the road that was built then, still stands intact, despite the heavy movement of traffic, daily.

Now, some people with vested interests have filed a petition asking for the setting up of a municipal body in Jamshedpur. This is nothing but a ploy to orchestrate a scam and siphon off public funds under the guise of running a civic body.

We, the residents of Jamshedpur, bestow our trust with the Tatas, and want only the Tatas to maintain the civic amenities in the steel city.
Warm Regards
Sutirtha Sanyal
A proud resident of Jamshedpur
Ex-Editor, Outlook Money Digital Magazine