Nepean Hotspurs: A New Board For A New And Better Future For Our Children

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A New, And Better Vision

"There is no doubt in my mind that Hotspurs's leadership is due for a change. Soccer in Ottawa changed dramatically in past 15 years or so, and is absolutely normal for the president and the board to change as well. New times require a new vision, new energy, and new people. For the benefit of soccer in general. Since there is a well established democratic process of elections, I'm confident that your initiative will be successful." - Longtime Coach

Besides the problems associated with the growing player card controversy, and the current Nepean Hotspur's board's dismissive lack of support there are many other challenges parents, players, and coaches are now facing because of the absence of creative and energized club leadership.

As members of the club, and because of the fees you pay, you have the right to see the financials and understand where your money is being spent to further the development and enjoyment of your child's soccer experience.

Because of this, we have started a petition on to secure the required 100 signatures to facilitate the immediate scheduling of a special meeting to elect a new board. Once selected, the new board will work with you to make sure that the Nepean Hotspurs Club once again becomes a viable and meaningful force in our soccer community and beyond.