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JFS should stop spending money on VocabExpress so that MFL teachers can photocopy

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The JFS Modern Foreign Languages department has been hit hard by recent budget cuts. This is resulting in students lacking vital resources such as worksheets and handouts which are now too expensive to produce and photocopy. However, we are aware that the department is paying a large sum of money for a vocabulary-learning service called 'VocabExpress'. The school seldom implements this expensive programme into homeworks and lessons due to it's proven ineffectiveness and unsatisfaction amongst students. This is mainly due to VocabExpress's nit-picking, making a student restart a whole exercise when they say a synonym for the 'correct' word - even MFL teachers have tried it and got questions wrong due to this issue. Whilst we believe technology is a great way to implement language learning into the modern classroom, we know it can be achieved through far cheaper alternatives such as 'memrise', in which the school can build or use an updated programme to fit their financial as well as curricular needs. We believe the money that is being diverted to this programme can be better spent on worksheets or new textbooks for GCSE languages students who are using old and less relevant resources due to the changes in the examinations. We hope the Modern Foreign Languages department takes these issues to heart for it is a vital department in the school and budget cuts should not be affecting their quality of teaching nor our quality of learning in any way by spending needed money on an unhelpful software.

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