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Stop human auctions at JFK highschool

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 On February 9 and 10th there was an event called "senior auction" where it's an auction of students to do something for money and this isn't right at all. First off it's February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH (the only time African American accomplishments are acknowledged) and I find it disrespectful to be selling/auctioning off human beings. My ancestors fought for freedom, fought to not be enslaved,sold and separated from their family. Not only that, people are making jokes saying "oh hey look I just bought 2 slaves" which is not ok. It's not even just the fact that it's black history month. Auctioning off a human is all around wrong.  Sacramento is one of the top city's for human trafficking, and by doing this you're encouraging and supporting putting a price on a human being. WE ARE NOT PROPERTY OR OBJECTS. Putting a price to someone's worth is WRONG. Students should be taught to have respect and value. Please keep in mind that this auction isn't going to a cause like helping the homeless it's going towards our class funds. There are so many ways to fundraiser money SO MUCH MORE WAYS this auction isn't necessary at all. By signing this petition you will not only help get an apology from student government but also helping guarantee that this "senior auction" never happens at our school again. (*ps it is  voluntary to participate in this event ..... but the fact that our school is promoting and encouraging students to be sold for money is wrong! Our school should be teaching us to never put a price on OUR worth!)

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