Don’t let JFCS abduct my daughters

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My daughters where unlawfully kidnapped On December 2015 days before their birthdays, they are being grossly neglected, mentally, physically & emotionally abused in the care of JFCS. They are being held against their will and remain in silent captivity till today, I as their mother have been fighting for our freedom of rights for over 2 years to no avail. Please help my children come home, the Jewish family child agency are terrorists, they are a private organization masking itself as child protection services seeing us as just another revenue stream and using its donations that are meant for charity to kill families & cover their tracks as lives are destroyed daily their clientele victims. My children and I as survivors are the living proof of their lack of nurture and sadistic nature. Please SOS my girls sign today to stop JFCS making Rachel and Mia my children wards of crown!