Refund Tuition for Schools/Day cares

Refund Tuition for Schools/Day cares

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Yehudit Schwartz started this petition to Jewish Community Boca Raton

Petition for Refund of Tuition                                                    

It is with a heavy heart during this tragic time that we write this letter, as the world over is praying and hoping that they wake from this nightmare of a global pandemic, the scope and severity of which we have not seen before. A few months ago, this virus was unknown to the world. Now it is causing mass destruction to nearly every country, crashing economies and overloading healthcare systems as we witness the increasing levels of affliction and death toll. People are in isolation from their family and friends, and there is no end in sight.

This global pandemic is causing us all great pain, financially, emotionally, mentally, and worst of all to those that have lost loved ones and will lose loved ones. The world is hurt. We are hurt. Businesses are failing, many of us have lost work, have seen decreases in our salary, or are hanging on by a thread. We are home, doing our best to be both caregivers and teachers, and sustain ourselves and our families, giving everything we have to maintain our well-being. We can hope, but the future right now is grim, and we are desperate.

So we ask:

·      Why does it seem that the Jewish institutions, the places we cherish and trust with all our being, to care for our most prized possessions, our children, seem to ignore with such insensitivity the financial burden we are facing?

·      Why is it assumed that we are Jewish, and therefore rich, and as a result can weather this terrible financial strain?

·      How will we afford the next rent payment and basic necessities for our children when so many of us were living paycheck to paycheck?

·      Why has there been absolutely no offer of any amount of refund?

·      Rent and salary for educators aside, are we to believe that the costs of running a school is the same whether the school is open or closed? We should not be looking to profit during this time off the back off struggling families.

·      Should teachers, administrators, and secretaries be fully compensated in the same way when the new normal has everyone else suffering financially?

·      Why have so many non-Jewish American and Israeli private schools refunded tuition back to families, while our Jewish schools have not made so much as a gesture of accommodation?

·      What happened to our Jewish community and why have the Jewish schools not been able to find a way to help their Jewish struggling families? Our obligation to show care in one another during this time of need is failing, and these wounds can have long lasting effects.

We urge our Jewish leaders to explore all options. This includes the $2 trillion federal stimulus package that was recently passed and sets out $350 billion for small business loans to help cover costs such as payroll and other fixed expenses. We urge our Jewish leaders to reach out to parents and ask how they are doing and how they can help. We urge our Jewish Leaders to ask, if non-Jewish schools can do it, then why can’t we. We are all parents, signing this petition, and asking you, leaders of our private Jewish institutions, to refund all or a portion of the tuition we have paid and will pay during any school closure resulting from this pandemic. It is both unreasonable and unexpected that you should ignore such an obvious need in such a dire time. To do so would be tarnishing to who we are and what we stand for – a united Jewish community.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!