Israeli Doctors Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

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Regardless of politics or religion, Israeli doctors (Jewish, Christian, Druze, Muslims) have been providing for decades now medical assistance to victims of natural and human-made disasters in over 140 countries.
Doctors from Israel have helped establish Ebola clinics in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea; leper clinics in South Sudan; spine clinic in Mekelle, Ethiopia. Israeli ophthalmologists trained Liberian nurses and established schools for the blind in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Ruanda Nearly 5,000 children from across the globe owe their normal living lives thanks to free heart surgeries they received from the hands of Israeli doctors in what it is the largest program in the world for children who need heart surgery. Every week children from Gaza and the West Bank arrive in Israeli hospitals for surgery and check-ups.

Israeli doctors are part of the healthcare professionals of the world who literally deal with the mess left behind by war. In many cases, Israeli doctors save the lives of people that hate their country, throw rockets at their homes, their schools, their hospitals and have sworn the destruction of their people.

Thousands of Syrians, casualties of their country’s civil war have received life-saving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Israeli physicians have treated the daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, the daughter in law of George Habash, the niece of Ayatollah Khomeini who with her husband traveled secretly to Israel for a procedure; the President of Zambia Michael Sata, and others

Because Israeli health-care professionals are building people-to-people, one-on-one relationships, no other endeavor is as successful in achieving dialogue and cooperation and seeding the prospects for peace and understanding; they deserve the world’s recognition and the Nobel Peace Prize.

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