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Stop selling tungsten carbide wedding rings that can break!

A marriage should last a lifetime. A "lifetime guarantee" on a ring does not mean that a ring will last a lifetime, just that it will be replaced! My tungsten carbide wedding ring broke into pieces. It was dropped on the tile floor of our bathroom. We did not know that we were purchasing a ring that was so brittle. I want jewelry retailers to sell rings that last as long as your marriage should - a lifetime!

Letter to
Jewelry retailers
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Retailers that sell tungsten carbide wedding rings.

Stop jewelry retailers from selling Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings: They

I am joining thousands of consumers who are outraged at the fact that
retailers are selling Tungsten Carbide wedding bands - these rings
break. No matter what the brand, all of these wedding bands crack, chip
or break upon impact with a hard surface.

Wedding bands symbolize the union between two people. Wedding vows
should not be broken and wedding bands shouldn't break! No one can
replace a wedding band that is blessed in a church, temple or synagogue.

Tungsten Carbide is not suitable for the use of wedding bands.


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