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Equal access for wheelchair users flying with Jetstar Australia

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Disappointing Jetstar service

I travelled from the Gold Coast to Sydney yesterday for work. I flew with Jetstar and I have to say I'm very disappointed with the treatment I received as a wheelchair user on my arrival at Sydney Airport. I delayed making this post in order to clear my mind & avoid saying anything out of anger. Now, after thinking about it, I believe it needs to be said so that things might change & to promote fair access & inclusion for all people. At this point I'll say I don't believe it is the fault of the staff I dealt with. They were just following the Jetstar policy. The problem is their policy is bad.

I've flown a lot all over the world, and Jetstar are the only airline I've
encountered who don't allow a wheelchair user to have access to their own day wheelchair on arrival at the terminal gate after having the chair
stored in the hold for the flight.

This happened to me on arrival in Sydney yesterday. The ground staff did not bring my chair to the door of the plane as the crew of all other airlines I've flown with do. I was told by the ground crew staff that Jetstar are the only airline in Australia who store day wheelchairs in a crate meaning they are taken all the way to the baggage carousel with other luggage.

Instead of being able to make my own way out of the airport at my own leisure, they pushed me from the door of the plane in an aisle chair to the gate lounge where things got worse.

The Jetstar staff then left me sitting alone for ten minutes in the aisle
chair on display for the entire passenger list of the next boarding plane, while they assisted with the boarding. Only after they'd finished boarding the next flight did they return to me and push me directly to the baggage collection carousel. This in itself meant I was denied access to the dining hall, shops or independent access to the toilets.

A wheelchair user's day wheelchair is his/her legs, their independence & in
not allowing me to have it on exiting the plane, Jetstar stripped me of my
independence & my equal right to access all the amenities available to
every other passenger. I know I have a permanent injury & I use a wheelchair but that doesn't mean I should be made to feel disabled.

Jetstar need to change the way they deal with wheelchair users. Being left on display in the gate lounge like a zoo animal was humiliating and degrading.

If commenting on this post, I ask that it not become a slandering exercise
against Jetstar. I only ask that in an effort for change, you like or forward this post or add a short sentence of support. I don't have the biggest following on this forum but I'm hoping it will eventually flow on to many more people. I want Jetstar to change their policy and give wheelchair users dignity and independence.

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