JetBlue: don’t stand for sexual assault

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Two JetBlue attendants accused two JetBlue pilots of drugging and raping them a year ago, and JetBlue still has not taken action.

The women allege that a layover in Puerto Rico took a turn when their drinks were laced with date rape drugs.

When the women returned home, they immediately went to a hospital and reported being drugged and sexually assaulted.

Both of these women reported the assaults to JetBlue’s corporate headquarters, and while the airline commenting that it is looking into the matter, the two pilots were never disciplined.

In fact, the two pilots are still working with JetBlue. And the flight attendants still have to work with them.

This isn’t the first time the airline has been accused of not doing enough in the face of sexual assault. In March 2018, an extremely similar case occurred in which a woman was drugged and raped (and reported it to the airline) - and the pilot was still allowed to work.

This is exactly why victims don’t come forward. They are scared it won’t matter. Stand with sexual assault victims - tell JetBlue to do SOMETHING. Conduct a real investigation into complaints and don’t allow the pilots to continue working while it's occurring.