Get James Potok banned from all airlines

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On February 3rd 2020 a WestJet flight from Toronto to Jamaica was forced to turn around after a man names James Potok decided to stand up and declare he just returned from Wuhan, China and was not feeling well. The WestJest flight was over Florida when it had to return to Toronto. A little less then 250 people lost a day of vacation and were inconvenienced.

In follow up interview James shows absolutely no sign of remorse. He admitted he did this as a publicity stunt to post on an instagram account. We need to make an example out of this guy before “publicity stunts” like this become more popular as they already are. 

I am simply asking that we stand in solidarity and show airlines as customers we will not stand for this being treated lightly. Any airline who accepts this mans business is putting a flight at risk for another unnecessary inconvenience. We work to hard for vacations to lose days to people who think they are the centre of the universe. Ban James Potok from all airlines!