It's not the Breed It's the inhumane Owners...

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Today I saw on the news that the city of Lowell is trying to put a ban on a breed I had my whole life, a Pit Bull. My Brother is also a proud owner of his sweet pit bull named Biggy and he truly is a sweet kind caring lovable dog even with my 2 year old neice that he's been with since birth...I understand what had happened was a tragedy but it could of been prevented. It’s not right for one man’s actions to be taken out on everyone else. I don’t know all the details to the story, but I do know that my Pit Bull and every other Pit Bull I have come across does nothing but give so much love to everyone around. The breed has been misunderstood for years now and it’s all because of the one man’s stupid actions. That stereotype of all Pit Bulls are aggressive comes from people who don’t understand or have never met a Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are not mean by nature, any dog can be taught to fight and be aggressive. A dog is apart of someone’s family just as much as anyone else is.. So please help save the Pit Bulls in the city of Lowell! And every other city !!!

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