Justice for 4 YEAR OLD!!!

Justice for 4 YEAR OLD!!!

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Tatianna Harris started this petition to Assistant District Attorny Jessica Ramos and

This is the full story that they didn’t even discuss in court. All they have is that there was “no evidence”

This is what we’re fighting for!!!

Content Warning : Sexual Assault.

My Little sister (4 year old) had speech therapy at  with “” once a week for approximately 2 1/2 months.
During the month of November there was a change in her behavior. She started crying without known reasons. Becoming disgruntled when it was time to go to her appointment. Initially, we thought she just hated the therapist correcting her words. Being completely blindsided by what we learned. Towards the end of November 2019, she was displaying extreme signs of pain and discomfort. We thought she was sick. A stomach ache was our thoughts. A lot of times when we would ask her what’s wrong ? are you OK ? she would say “don’t talk about it” every single time. We thought she might’ve been embarrassed about gas or constipation.
We have a very open discussion type of home life. My brother has been in therapy for many years due to autism. He too was attending the same therapy center. It was very confusing to us all why she would constantly say, “Don’t talk about it” and “nothing, nothing, nothing”
When asked about how she was feeling physically or emotionally.

We took her to the pediatrician after a few days of her expressing discomfort.
Her pediatrician asked the obvious questions and proceeded to test her for a bladder infection etc.
My mother expressed to the doctor that her therapist () stated that she may have a UTI or a bladder infection because she refused to go to the restroom when she’s in therapy. we hadn’t ever had a problem with her going to the restroom, she was potty-trained. So, being told that was very uncomfortable to hear from the therapist (), especially since therapy was only for 20 minutes per session. During her complaints, we noticed her absolute refusal of going to the restroom. so she would wear pull-ups to each visit and she also went to the restroom before each session with her mother.

The restrooms at the therapy center is a single stall restroom for one person.
The day of  told my mother that she took her to the restroom to wash her hands after playing with Play-Doh. Closing the door behind them.
Initially, the therapist spoke about her needing to use the restroom while she was there BUT then she retracted what she said and stated “I took her to the restroom to wash her hands”.

A day or two later The pediatrician called and stated that there was no UTI or bladder infection found.
My mother became very worried about what was going on. She asked my little sister some tough questions as she realized something was very wrong. My sister was very hesitant and embarrassed but she told my mother, “Ms.  touched her girl parts.” also, stating that it hurt really bad. Referring back to when she said “don’t talk about it” When she told my mom she said “said we can’t talk about it” she said “[Ms.] don’t talk about it” We assume that’s what told her in the restroom. After my mom asked her those questions. My four-year-old sister said, “but we can’t talk about it” constantly! My mom asked who said don’t talk about it.. My little sister stated that it was “Ms.” told her not to talk about.

My mother then right away went to the police department to report the assault in Rosenberg. The officers proceeded to make the necessary reports to send to the investigating officer. My mom was told she would be notified in a day or two.

The investigating officer did not call or make any effort to contact the parents until four to five days later. The day after contact, my mother insisted that my sister needed to be interviewed. The interview about my sisters rapist turned into an interrogation.
My mother was even asked by the investigator as to who was her real babies father! Both of her  parents were there and very passionate about the officers arresting . He stated that they could not do so because, at the time, my sister was only displaying fear of Ms.. My four-year-old sister was extremely scared to go and talk to a stranger about sexual assault by herself without her parents. During that first interview she (4 year old)
let the interviewer and officer know that she was touched on her thighs but she was afraid to talk about the further sexual assault. She also let them know that she was afraid of .

That alone should have been enough! The fear that she displayed!!! Should have been enough!

The next day, the investigating officer then went to the speech therapy center for an investigation. Assuming he would follow each and every protocol such as interview anyone AND EVERYONE associated with the toddler, check surveillance cameras, locate any witnesses, interview the toddler, secure all physical evidence such as : fingerprints, traceable evidence, or even clothing that was worn during the assault as evidence, and/or even medical examinations such as a sexual assault kit. what he did do is He made a report of all whom he interviewed. He then called my parents and they asked him if there were any surveillance cameras. He informed them that he did not check. The parents insist that he go back and check. Unfortunately, By the time he went back to do something that he was supposed to do in the very beginning, speech therapy center stated that their camera information had overlapped and that the footage was no longer available. Leaving no evidence and no proof since the 4 year old did not make an “outcry”.

Information that was gathered was sent to the DA in early 2020 but they chose to close the case because they didn’t have sufficient evidence. They said what they needed was for her to make a statement about what happened to her.

Our parents made a decision to put her in therapy at the Rosenberg Advocates Center. After months of therapy, she then made an outcry to her therapist. Her therapist contacted CPS and the DA.

The case was then reopened because of the outcry that was made. The outcry was that :  Sexually assaulted her.

The case has been taken to the grand jury without any further interviews from the parents or any family members. There was no insight or information given on how they were going to defend the case. No location or strategy. No nothing.

They simply told us.. “we’ll call you when we’re done, We’ll call you when the grand jury makes a decision”. As we waited.
The grand jury decided that they didn’t have enough corroborating evidence either and that the evidence wasn’t sufficient. The jury then stated that because the toddler was only four years old they had to sign off on a kit declining to have the procedure done at all. EVEN THOUGH, our parents agreed and accepted to having the procedure done knowing what would be done to her and knowing she was only 4 but also knew that it would give them actual evidence. Yet, they still declined and refused to have the procedure done.

The next form of evidence would have been used was the camera footage, that overlapped because the officer did not request the footage during the beginning of the investigation, when the parents asked for it. He didn’t request it with efficiency and it was too late. Leaving the case with no evidence. What if that the officer would’ve followed protocol ? What if the jury followed through with the kit since the parents said yes to it ? What if the officer actually put forth more effort and actually tried to solve the case and not just turn it over? Would  be behind bars ? Would  be listed as another sexual offender ? IF PROTOCOL WAS FOLLOWED WOULD WE HAVE JUSTICE ?

For the second time, the case has been closed. No justice. No nothing. , a potential sex offender has yet to be caught or stopped. To prevent this from happening again whether it’s a toddler, child, or even a adult. This story needs to be heard and this story needs to be told so, that if anyone has any information and can help justice can be found. this is being told as a prevention. So, that this lady is prevented from doing the horrific things she’s done to anyone else. PLEASE HELP US PETITION TO REOPEN THE CASE.

if you have any information on  or if you have every worked with her before and have witnessed any foul playing. please help us !

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!