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Abolish Montana House Bill 595

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As a labor and delivery nurse and a woman struggling with fertility issues of my own, I am the first person to appreciate the sanctity of life; however, I am appalled at this bill, and as a resident of Montana I'm asking that the bill be voted out.  From the articles that I have read, the representatives are operating based out of personal values and beliefs that have nothing to with medical facts.  The fact is fetuses are not viable outside the womb until 24 weeks gestation,  and even at that stage cannot survive or thrive without medical intervention.  These preterm infants then have the long road of lengthy NICU stays, difficulties feeding, potential brain bleeds, eye damage from long term oxygen use, and many other health difficulties.  The fact of the matter is that there are pregnancy related conditions such as preeclampsia and HELLP and ectopic pregnancies that are life threatening to the mother to stay pregnant. Pregnancy increases blood volume and circulation, which means that a woman with and ruptured ectopic pregnancy can then bleed out into her abdomen without medical intervention, and death can occur, not to mention losing a fallopian tube for future pregnancies if no medication intervention is done prior to the tube rupturing while she is still technically pregnant with a fetus.  In the case of rape and incest, there can be genetic anomalies, not to mention the potential PTSD and daily reminder of some of the hardest times in a woman's life that this bill essentially is saying are acceptable because a sperm fertilized an egg and a group of cells have started multiplying and dividing, so the woman must live with a physical manislfestation of those emotional scars.  In the case of IVF, these women have gone through months to years of medications, injections, scans, and procedures to conceive children.  If a genetic anomaly exists that would cause the woman to consider terminating the one thing that she has spent so much time, energy, money, and emotion in achieving, who are legislators to tell them no?  I did notice that of the 11-8 vote that passed this bill to the floor for consideration, only one of the representatives is woman that agrees to support this.  I would like people to consider turning the tables and asking men to undergo 10 months of something growing in their bodies, and being told that no matter the medical or emotional indications they are not allowed to make decisions regarding their healthcare in terms of that condition.  We cannot force someone to be sterilized without cause, so why should the courts be able to determine if it is right to terminate a pregnancy.

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