IES Montessori Petition

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We, the parents, guardians, and interested parties of Iberville Elementary, are requesting that the Iberville Parish School Board consider their vote. Specifically, we are asking that the school colors be changed to royal blue and/or gray tops along with the Mustang mascot. 

As of the 2017-2018 school year, a change is happening for the entire school and everyone who is in participation. The site is being redesigned and recreated with a vision that we are very proud of and look forward to being a part of. The expectations for the school should be reflected by our children as well. That something is simply being brand new! We should no longer look like other district schools. No more maroon Bulldogs! We want to be the Montessori royal blue/gray Mustangs! We understand that the school board is investing a great deal of money into our school for the educational materials and putting forth efforts toward the children's success.

Majority of us were blind-sided not knowing the actual change process needing to take place. After being brought to our attention, we are hoping for and supporting this change 100%. In addition, we will encourage more parental involvement in other relevant individuals as this school needs. Thank you.


IES Parents, Guardians, and Interested Parties