Keep Brian Labrosse in Prison!

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Please sign this petition to keep Brian Labrosse in prison, I would take it as a personal favor.. Jamie Horne was murdered on November 14, 2000 by Brian Labrosse. Brian Labrosse did not know Jamie yet still murdered him and hid his body. Not only did this change the lives of Jamie's friends and family but the safety of our small town..Brian Labrosse comes up for parole in July of this year, 2017. Would you feel safe with him around your children.. Jamie Horne will never see his only son grow. Jamie will never be able to kiss his mother, hug his father. Jamie will never be able to see his brother or sisters. All of this was taken from him by Brian Labrosse. Brian Labrosse is in prison yet he still gets to play sports, act in plays, go outside, watch tv, walk and talk to his family. Brian Labrosse gets to talk to his family while Jamie's family begs to hear his voice just one more time. Brian Labrosse gets to do everything that Jamie Horne will never get a chance to do because he was murdered. Imagine what the Horne family has been through, just stop and really think about it. This family has been through enough and they deserve the peace of mind that the murderer stays behind bars. They deserve justice. Jamie Horne, you died too young, like the story had just begun, but death tore the pages all away. And sometimes we wonder who you'd be today. Please help us turn down Brian Labrosse for parole..